Project Description

The Westminster 14-19 Partnership is made up of all the borough’s mainstream and special secondary schools, work-based learning providers and a wide range of employers. Together they are offering a range of courses that offer a genuine alternative to the GCSE-based curriculum currently followed by most students at Key Stage 4 at school.

The Westminster 14-19 Partnership aims to help schools offer their students a broader range of courses so that every young person has the opportunity to choose a curriculum that engages and motivates them to succeed to the very best of their ability and talents. This curriculum can be made up of GCSEs, applied qualifications (such as the new Diplomas) or vocational qualifications (such as Young Apprenticeships) or a combination of these.

A key principle of this new curriculum is to ensure that students can move from one pathway to another when they progress into post-16 education.

The Challenge

Westminster City Council approached Pylon Design to propose a brochure concept to promote alternative courses available to children during their Years 10 and 11 at school. The brochure had to be informative and supported with quotes from various business personnel, be creative and exciting to interest the children and grab their attention and be a useful tool for them to make some big decisions.

The Solution

Pylon Design proposed a positive, bold and colourful solution to the Westminster City Councils 14-19 Partnership brochure. Using the Councils corporate colours to great effect, this striking concept uses large type to add further impact. Small amounts of copy were used on each page to retain the readers interest and headings in the form of  questions helped to stimulate a response. A youthful and informative solution proved to be a great success in achieving its goals.

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