Project Description

The Federation of St Joseph’s Catholic Junior, Infant and Nursery Schools belongs to the Catholic communities of Upper Norwood, West Norwood and East Dulwich and exists to educate Catholic children in a community with the Gospel values, traditions and beliefs of the catholic faith. The schools are in the Archdiocese of Southwark. They have a school motto which encapsulates the schools’ ethos:

We learn to love, we love to learn

St Joseph’s is vibrant and successful with a dedicated staff, supportive governing body and caring parents. They work hard to ensure their children understand the importance of being part of a school community.

The Challenge

The school were struggling to maintain a web presence using their provided Virtual Learning Environment (VLE). The big drawbacks were that the VLE’s output was not responsive to small screens and it didn’t offer communication tools to engage with their audience or leverage social media.

The Solution

St Joseph’s Federation School have now parted company with their ‘Fronter’ website that they had little control over and now embrace and manage a mobile responsive site that they have full control of. The new website has to to display and communicate content from both the Primary and Junior schools. Parents can subscribe to a mailing list based on their child’s year group(s) and are automatically sent a weekly news digest based on the year group preferences to keep them well informed of school life without having to visit the site. News content is also simultaneously and automatically posted to Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and an RSS feed.

Year group pages automatically pull in relevant year group categorised news content from elsewhere on the site, making them an important landing page for existing parents. Calendar dates and events, managed by the school externally in Google Calendars, are imported as .ics feeds into the site’s events system. By using year group-based taxonomies for the event categories, events can be filtered, separated and placed on the site at relevant positions. Event filtering allows users to view and subscribe only to the event categories  that interest them.

All school correspondence is aggregated onto a single page and simultaneously distributed to relevant additional positions site-wide. By incorporating the school’s new identity and colours, subtle rounded corners, together with the corporate typeface as a streamed web font, Pylon have developed a clean, friendly and colourful website.

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