Project Description

The Federation of St Joseph’s Catholic Junior, Infant and Nursery Schools belongs to the Catholic communities of Upper Norwood, West Norwood and East Dulwich and exists to educate Catholic children in a community with the Gospel values, traditions and beliefs of the catholic faith. The schools are in the Archdiocese of Southwark. They have a school motto which encapsulates the schools’ ethos:

We learn to love, we love to learn

St Joseph’s is vibrant and successful with a dedicated staff, supportive governing body and caring parents. They work hard to ensure their children understand the importance of being part of a school community.

The Challenge

To develop a series of postcards (four in total) to be used to congratulate the children on their good work and to leave around the local area in various establishments – churches, shops, libraries etc. Two postcards for the children to be graphical and two postcards to be available for the public will be photographic with relevant information on the reverse.

The Solution

Using elements from the brand for the graphical children’s postcards and a creative use of typography helped to create these prestigious and targeted postcards. The photographic solution incorporated images from the photo shoot and immediately focused on life at the school giving a flavour of the atmosphere and ethos of the school. Two very different solutions both being successful whether used individually or as a set.

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