An evolution of the St Joseph's Federation logo designed by Pylon Design

The Federation of St Joseph’s Catholic Junior, Infant and Nursery Schools belongs to the Catholic communities of Upper Norwood, West Norwood and East Dulwich and exists to educate Catholic children in a community with the Gospel values, traditions and beliefs of the catholic faith. The schools are in the Archdiocese of Southwark. They have a school motto which encapsulates the schools’ ethos:

We learn to love, we love to learn

St Joseph’s is vibrant and successful with a dedicated staff, supportive governing body and caring parents. They work hard to ensure their children understand the importance of being part of a school community.

The Challenge

An evolution of an existing logo rather than a brand new creation retaining the schools corporate colours. Develop a modern but traditional approach that echoes their current logo.

The Solution

A largely typographical solution presented as a monogram and held within a shield keyline on the corporate burgundy colour. With a traditional appearance, the use of a modern typeface resulted in a contemporary image with individual elements that made for a flexible logo and an adaptable brand.

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