St. Joseph’s College is a Lasallian Roman Catholic Comprehensive Boy’s Academy in Crystal Palace, South East London. Established in 1855 by the De La Salle Brothers, the College has a history of educating young men and women for over 160 years. The College is a ‘leading edge’ school and is one of the top 25 non-selective boys’ schools in the country. As a Lasallian Catholic College, we also welcome applicants of other faiths. However, they expect all families applying for a place to respect their ethos and its importance to the College community, especially by participating in activities central to their ethos.

At the heart of the College is a strong sense of values. These five Respects are at the core of who they are and what they aspire to be. Respect for Faith, Self, Others, Learning and Community. The College is a community which works tirelessly to realise the potential of each and every student in their care. All the staff aspire to provide excellence every day in every lesson and every experience.

The Challenge

The existing banners were printed on PVC and mounted onto a wood panel. As well as being worn and faded, the position of the banners on top of a school building, created a sail effect which had caused further damage resulting in the need for a new set of 6 banners and careful thought of their position.

The Solution

The existing banners, although damaged, looked dated and did not use the corporate brand to create a strong and interesting identity. Pylon Design Consultants proposed using the corporate colour palette more creatively to have impact and endorse the 6 different House banners. To add longevity and durability, a lightweight composite material was used for the backing and printed vinyl applied to the front face. The bolder use of the corporate typefaces and coloured bars top and bottom of the panels, framed the school logo drawing your eye to the centre of the panel. A more suitable location to mount the panels on a solid brick wall was suggested and the visual impact of seeing all the various banners with their different colours made a clear identification of which House the students belonged to.

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