Corporate Annual Review for Sparks by Pylon Design

Each year less than £10 per child in the UK is spent on research into children’s health, yet 1 in 30 babies is born with a condition that may affect them for life. As a leading children’s medical research charity, Sparks are dedicated to funding pioneering research that will change this for children and their families.

They work in four areas: pregnancy and birth, first months of life, early childhood and rare diseases.

Since 1991, they have funded over 270 research projects in more than 80 hospitals and universities.

The Challenge

To display a large amount of information from the year including messages from the Chief Executive and Royal Patron, Money spent on Projects, Case Studies, News Stories, Annual Figures, President and supporters. Follow the corporate brand and use as many images as possible to give the report a lively, interesting feel.

The Solution

By treating elements of the copy in different ways, quotes, projects, news etc, Pylon were able to create interest and a clear distinction between different points of information. To create further interest, the secondary colour palette was implemented on type and coloured blocks. Photographs were used large and small for impact and to support the relevant text. The result was an attractive and informative Annual Report that followed corporate guidelines but appeared fresh and new.

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