Project Description

Southwark Education Business Alliance (EBA) take pride in bringing schools and businesses together through engaging projects, creating an environment where new goals arise and aspirations grow, while preparing young people for the world of work.

With over 15 years of experience in brokering relationships with businesses and schools, they work closely with schools to deliver work related learning activities and skill developing projects.

Southwark EBA work in partnership with a variety of businesses across a diverse range of industries to provide young people with a realistic picture of the job market, understanding of employers’ requirements and authentic experience of the working culture. They provide an opportunity for employees to give back to their community through volunteering their time and inspiring young people in one of the most diverse boroughs in London. They also provide training and organise DBS checks for all business clients interested in volunteering.

The Challenge

Technology moves very fast particularly within the web industry and with the worldwide development of mobile devices in the last 5 years, Southwark EBA’s 10 year old website was in need of a complete overhaul. As well as outdated content and an unresponsive site, it was imperative that the new site appealed to both young students and businesses while meeting the demands of the 65% of the population who now view websites on their mobile phones. Above all, Pylon Design had to ensure the new site worked successfully for Southwark EBA as a tool to enhance their business.

The Solution

Southwark EBA’s new website was designed and built by Pylon Design from a mobile-first perspective and delivering a mobile-responsive site that they have full control of content creation. The menu system is clear and simple allowing the reader to navigate easily throughout the site, while photographic samples support each section endorsing the credibility of Southwark EBA’s 15 years experience. By incorporating their new identity, the corporate colour palette, photographs and corporate typeface as a streamed web font, Pylon Design have designed and developed an exciting, responsive, informative, content-managed and bespoke website that reflects the modern and forward thinking thoughts of the organisation.