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Sally has been cutting children’s hair in South West London for over 30 years. From your baby’s first haircut to those in their late teens, Sally can provide an excellent cut for children of all ages. Sally’s Hairdressers, one of the first bespoke children’s hairdressers to open in London, was established 10 years ago and has since grown to be a key part of the SW11 community.

The Challenge

Sally’s previous website was built using Flash animation techniques. Although it was visually appealing and displaying fine on desktops and laptops, it was not being displayed on modern smartphones and tablets and suffering in search rankings as a result. We needed to bring the site up to date to recognise current web standards and technologies, with a nod to her previous website.

The Solution

The content from Sally’s previous site was reimagined and transferred over to a responsive, extensible theme framework in 2014 allowing her to build out the website as the business grew. The signature animation from the previous website was recreated using the contemporary web standards of HTML5 and CSS3, ensuring it displays on all modern browsers. An appointment booking and reservation system was introduced in 2017 to assist Sally manage her time and her client’s expectations more efficiently. In 2019, following customer demand and the continued success of the business, we introduced online payments, a customer data solution to meet GDPR requirements and upgraded the web hosting provision.

Project Details

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