Sally’s Hairdressers, one of the first children’s hairdressers to open in London, was established 10 years ago and has since grown to be a key part of the Northcote Road community in Battersea, SW London. 28 years of cutting children’s hair, she has honed her hairdressing skills and can provide an excellent cut for children of all ages, from baby’s first haircut to those in their late teens.

The Challenge

To create an area that children and adults can use to sanitise their hands on the re-opening of the salon. It had to be bold, easy to use and practical to encourage old and young to use it and keep the salon a clean and safe area for everyone. It was important to follow Government Guidelines to ensure every precaution is taken to protect customers from the Covid virus.

The Solution

Incorporating Sally’s corporate brand, Pylon Design created a colourful, playful approach while retaining the important message that cleaning your hands helps the safety of everyone. The information was displayed in a clear and concise manner and at a size readable to everyone, ensuring both young and old are clearly informed of their responsibility. The station was placed at a height that can be used by children and adults and help the young to educate them in the importance of the hand washing procedure.

Project Details

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