Rebecca Anne Jewellery Logo designed by Pylon Design

Rebecca Anne Jewellery is all about upcycled jewellery. Eco-friendly designs all handmade using recycled and sustainable materials. Jewellery with Ethical Style! Each upcycled design is lovingly handmade so not only can you own a unique piece with its individual story, you can make a positive difference to the environment.

The Challenge

To develop a logo reflecting an Eco-friendly and Ethical style that shows the care and attention an individual piece of jewellery can bring. The logo must be flexible enough to be used on large and small items but primarily reflect the ethos of the brand.

The Solution

Using appropriate earthy tones to colour the attractive motif that represents a piece of ethnic jewellery, the logo lends itself to adaptability with or without the company name. Elegant typography mixed with a freehand script help to echo the elegance and rustic nature of the products.

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