Project Description

Rathfern is a rich, vibrant and diverse community that develops its moral purpose through their core values. They believe that all of their pupils can become effective learners and achieve highly.

They have pioneered the development of ‘learning about learning’ (metacognition) across the school and are passionate about all their children’s learning and achievement. They are committed to providing precise support and challenges so that all of their pupils achieve at least national expectations, and beyond. They are an aspirational and inspirational school, committed to working with all their parents and carers to ensure the well-being and highest achievement of all their pupils.

The Challenge

Rathfern Primary School wanted a mobile responsive school website where they have full control of content creation. It needed to be smart, yet playful and increase parental engagement by focussing on the school’s news and events, which can sometime get lost amongst other school information.

The Solution

News content is displayed prominently using a filterable grid system on the homepage and news pages. Year group content and pages are colour coded for ease of visual reference. Year group pages automatically pull in relevant year group categorised content from elsewhere on the site, making them an important landing page for existing parents. Parents can subscribe to a mailing list based on their child’s year group(s) and are automatically sent a weekly news digest based on the year group preferences to keep them well informed of school life without visiting the site itself. News content is also simultaneously and automatically posted to Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and an RSS feed.

All school correspondence is aggregated onto a single page and simultaneously distributed to relevant additional positions site-wide. In addition to the creation of a set of animal illustrations to represent the ‘Learning Attributes’, we developed a specific colour palette for the school that is used to identify year group specific content (pages, posts and events). We also introduced rounded corners for the site furniture with soft shadows, together with a new friendly typeface as a streamed web font to deliver a friendly and colourful website.

News and event-based content from the school website are also made available as RSS and .ics feeds respectively. These are automatically pulled into the Mobile Application (for iOS and Android) that we have also recently developed for Rathfern School, to further increase parental engagement with the school.