Project Description

Premier Learning Trust is a multi-academy trust working with Holland Park Primary School and Alton Park Primary School.

multiacademy trust (MAT) is a single entity established to undertake a strategic collaboration to improve and maintain high educational standards across a number of schools. A group of schools form a single MAT which has overarching responsibility for their governance. The MAT is the most formalised type of collaborative structure available for schools.

All academies within a MAT are governed by one trust and a single board of Directors. This is the organisation that runs a number of academies under a single charitable company. The board of Directors is responsible for decisions relating to how each academy is run, however, each individual academy retains its own governing body and the Trust delegates some of its functions to the governing body.

The MAT will be accountable and responsible for the performance of the each of the academies in the chain and may delegate its decision-making powers to the governing boards of the individual academies if it wishes. The multi-academy trust will enter into a master funding agreement with the Secretary of State for Education and funding is allocated to each individual academy via a supplemental agreement between each academy and the Secretary of State for Education.

The Challenge

Premier Learning Trust briefed Pylon Design to provide and stationery range consisting of a letterhead, compliments slip and business cards. They wanted to develop the brand identity utilising the logo elements and strong colours throughout the range whilst retaining a smart, professional appearance. Premier Learning Trust also requested to include their three mission goals prominently.

The Solution

To help promote the brand and the mission goals, Pylon Design proposed to use the reverse of each stationery item to enhance and develop the corporate identity. The front of each item had a clear and concise layout on a white background displaying the logo and contact information in a smart, professional manner. The reverse of each item uses the logo, colours and the mission goals to create an attractive but purposeful solution that set the tone for future projects.