Project Description

Formerly known as The Grinling Gibbons and Lucas Vale Primary Schools Federation (GGLV) they have relaunched themselves with a new name and identity. Now known as the Phoenix Federation, their principles remain the same as they continue to inspire all children to have a life long love of learning, allowing everyone to thrive in a rapidly changing landscape whilst celebrating the richness and diversity of the world we live in. They believe in the power of learning.

The expertise across both our schools is exceptional, together they are even better. Working together they pool their knowledge to make sure all the staff and children get the very best learning opportunities. They have an Executive Headteacher and an Executive Business Manager who work across the Federation. In addition, they have several support staff and specialists who work across the two schools. They never stop looking for opportunities to strengthen the Federation and, in turn, make the individual schools even better.

The Challenge

The old Federation logo visually had strong links to both Grinling Gibbons and Lucas Vale schools through colour and typography. This old and dated logo, which was not designed by Pylon Design, needed an overhaul and the Federation decided not just to re-design the logo but also have a name change. This really was the Phoenix rising from the ashes. The brief was to design and develop an identity that stood alone with no link to the two schools, whether through colour, typography, illustration or style.

The Solution

As the name suggests, this was about a phoenix and the imagery spoke for itself, the only issue was the style we wanted to portray. Pylon Design created a logo incorporating an illustrative phoenix rising from the flames. The style was flowing but also sharp with strong, bold typography and vibrant colours. The strength and versatility of the new logo enabled it to work equally well on light and dark backgrounds but also as a special gold version. By using a combination of these elements, Pylon Design have created a corporate identity that works perfectly together to create a unique and memorable logo making it the main focal point of the brand.

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