Colourful, crisp logo for oneEBP by Pylon Design

One EBP provides a vital service to young people in Hammersmith and Fulham, Kensington and Chelsea and Westminster. Working with a large number of local employers on a variety of engaging programmes, One EBP prepares disadvantaged young people to enter a competitive workforce, by raising their aspirations and attainment, supporting them in making the right career and study choices, and giving them the opportunity to develop key employability skills. This role underpins a core area of work of the Tri-borough Education Department and is of great value to our schools and young people.

The Challenge

A new logo for OneEBP (One Education Business Partnership) a subsidiary of the Tri-Borough Education Department and create a brand to be used on other material both digital and print. The logo to demonstrate the coming together of three Boroughs and working together towards the same goal.

The Solution

Creating a logo with a marque depicting three triangles/arrows interlocking as one to represent the coming together of the three Boroughs moving forward together as one service. Modern typography and bright colours display a contemporary approach but positioned sympathetically to create a professional and solid solution. The triangular marque enables this motif to be flexible and used on future items enabling the brand to grow with the organisation.

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