Project Description

Equality 2025 is a Non-Departmental Public Body, comprising publicly appointed disabled people. The group works across Government to offer Ministers and senior government officials strategic advice at the very early stages of policy development on issues that affect disabled people, as well as providing in-depth examinations of new or existing policy areas. Equality 2025 is not a campaigning organisation.

The Challenge

Using an existing logo, develop the brand and produce an A2 poster incorporating a large amount of copy. The poster was to display text rather than a graphic or photographic solution. Elements of the logo could be used if the brand development would benefit from it.

The Solution

The essential purpose of a poster is to grab attention and inform the reader as quickly as possible. Pylon used the corporate navy as the background with white out copy and graphics for impact. Elements of the logo were used to break up the content and endorse the brand.

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