Project Description

The Office for Disability Issues (ODI) leads the government’s vision of achieving equality for disabled people. They believe disabled people should have the same choices and opportunities as non disabled people. They are a cross-government organisation that works with government departments, disabled people and a wide range of external groups.

The Challenge

Utilising the existing corporate guidelines, develop the brand and add a flexibility to the look by engaging the key elements in a creative manner. The brand needs to be applied to a vast range of publications and look fresh and new on each item while retaining the overall corporate look. Design of a full colour advert outlining the ODI’s objectives and encourage people to visit their art exhibition.

The Solution

Choosing two colours from the corporate palette, the key circle elements, photographs from the ODI’s photo library and inserting the supplied copy, design an advert to echo the look and feel of the ODI. Ensure the advert is striking amidst other similar adverts to attract the attention of the reader and encourage them to visit the exhibition.

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