Project Description

The Oakbridge Federation encourages, as well as promotes, the very best traditional values. They pride ourselves on their ability to achieve better than average results across the board. Crucial to this success is the excellent behaviour and positive thinking that they actively encourage from all their pupils. Above all else, they have high expectations of not just the pupils but also the staff. Achieving high levels of reading, writing and mathematics for all their pupils are key priorities.

The school’s nurturing commitment in encouraging their children to persevere in their aspirations, show respect to others, be responsible learners and to always try their best is paramount to life at Oakbridge.

The Challenge

To have a common designed letterhead, compliments slip and business cards that can be used by the umbrella organisation and the two schools that has all the information on them. Important to display all three logos and make it clear that they are all part of one organisation.

The Solution

Three versions of each item for the main Oakbridge Federation and the two schools with their contact details to demonstrate they are part of the Federation. An additional graphic bar in red and blue representing the corporate colours of the two schools at the top of the page, aided the recognition that they are part of the group. A smart, professional and usable solution that fulfils all the criteria and is clear that all three operate as one unit.