Jungle themed soundproofing at Rangefield Primary School by Pylon Design

The Oakbridge Federation encourages, as well as promotes, the very best traditional values. They pride themselves on their ability to achieve better than average results across the board. Crucial to this success is the excellent behaviour and positive thinking that they actively encourage from all their pupils. Above all else, they have high expectations from both pupils and staff. Achieving high levels of reading, writing and mathematics for all their pupils are key priorities.

The school’s nurturing commitment in encouraging their children to persevere in their aspirations, show respect to others, be responsible learners and to always try their best is paramount to life at Oakbridge.

The Challenge

The Dining Hall at Rangefield Campus had an echo that, when full of children at lunchtime, made the noise level almost unbearable. To control the noise levels in this very busy Dining Hall, which also doubled as a learning area, was a huge challenge with no guarantee of success.

The Solution

After considerable research into the subject of soundproofing, apart from the obvious curtains or carpet to dull the noise, Pylon evaluated the bare ceiling and walls to be the areas causing the most echo. Adopting a ‘Jungle’ theme, Pylon used a large wall frieze mounted within a soundproofing frame that absorbed the noise and utilised them on two large blank walls. On the ceiling, Pylon suspended soundproofing panels in the shape of clouds hung at angles to allow sound to bounce off and be absorbed. We then hung large Jungle characters (monkeys, birds, snakes etc) to enhance the Jungle theme creating an attractive visual experience for the children. The results were incredible as the noise levels were reduced by 75% making the dining experience much more enjoyable.

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