Project Description

Based in South East London, Marianne Fewster is an up and coming young photographer who has recently graduated from her BA (Hons) degree course at East London University. She enjoys all kinds of photography but has a particular enjoyment for architecture both old and new. Her eye for dramatic shapes and angles, within her architectural photographs, led to her first successful exhibition held in East London.

The Challenge

Leading up to her final End of Year show, Marianne Fewster required a promotional, portfolio brochure which showcased her final project to promote herself in a professional manner. It was important to ensure her work stood out and attracted the eye of the reader. The brochure had to be designed and printed within three weeks ready for her final show.

The Solution

A bold, elegant solution with photographs centred on the page with areas of white space forming a border to draw the eye in. Simple architectural quotes about space, angles and buildings supported the photographs centred on the facing page using sophisticated typography. Delivered on time, the brochure had a positive impact that demonstrated Marianne’s creative and sensitive approach to some incredible architecture.

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