School Logo Design Lewisham

Lucas Vale Primary school is part of the Grinling Gibbons and Lucas Vale (GGLV) Federation. The goals and ambitions of the staff and governors is to make sure that they are at the forefront of innovative learning experiences, ensuring they deliver a world class education for all of their children.

Lucas Vale Primary School is committed to creating a safe, secure and vibrant learning environment, one that is firmly rooted in strong moral values; their school community takes pride in helping each individual to flourish. Personalised learning ensures that they meet the needs of all children and enable them to reach their full potential. Children at Lucas Vale feel safe, happy and we strive to help them achieve their goals.

At Lucas Vale they believe children learn best when they are taken out of their comfort zones, not spoon fed the learning; use their higher order thinking skills and explore and action their learning. High aspirations and expectations are at the heart of school life and support the children’s development of confidence, self esteem and respect.

The Challenge

Lucas Vale were using an old image of a windmill that had historical links to the past for the school and it was decided to retain this concept. Although staff, families, children and the community were aware of the windmill, its execution was not strong enough to give Lucas Vale a memorable identity. Lucas Vale needed a bolder approach to engage with everyone and give a sense of belonging. Apart from the GGLV logo there was nothing to link both Lucas Vale and Grinling Gibbons Primary Schools as being part of the Federation. The school needed to portray themselves much better to encourage parents to want to send their children to Lucas Vale and be proud of this within the community.

The Solution

By re-working the existing concept of the windmill, retaining the historical aspect of the school and local area, Pylon were able to give the school an identity and brand that has much more impact than the original and is both attractive and professional. A flexible logo will enable the brand to be developed further in the future as elements can be applied to a variety of  literature and media. Strong typography, bold colours and an approachable illustrative style that was also used on the Grinling Gibbons logo has helped to link the two schools together and endorse they are part of the GGLV Federation.

Project Details