Colour coded leaflet for the CLS by Pylon Design

Part of the Legal Services Commission (LSC), Community Legal Service Direct, later to become Community Legal Advice, is a free government-funded confidential advice service. If you live on a low income or benefits they can give you independent advice over the phone about benefits and tax credits, debt, education, employment and housing problems. They can take on your case and help resolve it.

The Challenge

A new campaign to encourage people who are having problems to call up and receive free advice within five distinct subject areas, later becoming six. To create a brand within a brand and display a lot of information on a DL leaflet aimed at the general public to encourage them to call up. A clear distinction between the different sectors was needed to help the reader to determine their problem area. They also needed to be designed to allow for bi-lingual versions in English and Welsh.

The Solution

A series of simple pictorial images were created to link to the relevant subject matter and each were consigned a colour to add further differentiation. Typography was simple and followed the corporate guidelines in line with the new images. The leaflet asked a direct, relevant question which engaged the reader to relate to and act upon.