Project Description

Formed in 1981, this South East London Sunday Football Club have won every major honour they are allowed to compete in from the UK National Cup, Surrey Cups, London Cups, League Titles, League Cups and various other Cups. They are recognised as being one of the best sides in the UK and highly respected on the local football circuit.

The Challenge

With no corporate identity logo, the club wanted an image that could be used on their website, team shirts, tracksuits, training tops and other promotional items – scarves, boot bags and lapel badges. They wanted a traditional logo with a modern twist to reflect their successful past and to look forward to similar achievements in the future.

The Solution

Adapting a traditional shield shape as the holding element we added their team colours of tangerine, white and blue to echo the traditions of the club. Using a stylised image of a figure to represent the speed and movement of a footballer, this added the ‘modern’ aspect to the final logo that could be used solely as the brand in the future.

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