Life Ascending, began in England and Ireland in 1980 as The Ascent Movement, having already spread in France, Canada and Spain. For the first time in any organisation or movement, the value of all that men and women over 60 years of age have to give, was highlighted and focussed upon. This was a unique and new idea. Here was a movement especially for people in their middle years and for those in later life. Life Ascending’s origins and ethos were born out of the Catholic religion but they embrace people of all denominations and cultures.

The Challenge

A poster to be displayed around the country in churches, halls, supermarkets, libraries and other relevant establishments to promote the movement and encourage people to join their local group. Use of the new logo to enhance the recognition of the image and logo.

The Solution

To retain the consistency and recognition, Pylon used the logo large and bold bleeding off the edges. The bright colours of the flame against the rich purple background has such an impact and can not fail to attract attention. A small amount of copy, used simply and elegantly, complimented the logo creating an attractive and informative poster.

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