Fully responsive and colourful Kilmorie website by Pylon Design

Kilmorie Primary School, Lewisham is an inclusive, vibrant community committed to enabling their pupils to be successful citizens with a great love for learning. The school environment is safe, exciting and welcoming to their children and families. The curriculum at Kilmorie Primary School is broad, rich, immersive and purposeful. They encourage their children to be independent, innovative and curious learners. As well as academic success they strive to develop the children’s emotional intelligence and their empathy for others.

The Challenge

The School had lived with a poor, unresponsive, static school website that they had little control over. They wanted to move to a platform where their single new site would respond appropriately to wide range of screen sizes. Raising parental engagement and cutting down on the amount of paper the school used were also primary goals.

The Solution

Kilmorie School now embrace and manage a mobile-responsive school website that they have full control of content creation. Parents can subscribe to a mailing list based on their child’s year group(s) and are automatically sent a weekly news digest based on the year group preferences to keep them well informed of school life without visiting the site itself. News content is also simultaneously and automatically posted to Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and an RSS feed. Year group pages automatically pull in relevant year group categorised content from elsewhere on the site, making them an important landing page for existing parents.

Calendars, managed by the school office externally in Google calendars, are imported as .ics feeds into the site’s events system. By using year group-based taxonomies for the event categories, events can be filtered, separated and placed on the site at relevant positions. Event filtering allows users to view and subscribe only to the event categories  that interest them. All school correspondence is aggregated onto a single page and simultaneously distributed to relevant additional positions site-wide.

Pylon Design have also replaced several fairly involved, paper application forms with their online equivalents. These scheduled forms store and deliver the captured data as spreadsheet files, cutting down completely on the paper used,  reducing the time required to manage each project significantly and increasing the overall engagement level.

By incorporating the school’s new identity and colours and reflecting it in the use of circles and subtle rounded corners, together with the corporate typeface as a streamed web font, Pylon Design have developed a clean, friendly and colourful website.

Project Details

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