Kilmorie Primary School is an inclusive, vibrant community committed to enabling their pupils to be successful citizens with a great love for learning. The school environment is safe, exciting and welcoming to their children and families. The curriculum at Kilmorie Primary School is broad, rich, immersive and purposeful. They encourage their children to be independent, innovative and curious learners. As well as academic success they strive to develop the children’s emotional intelligence and their empathy for others.

The Challenge

To design a letterhead that can be used in-house by Kilmorie Primary School to be sent out as a hard copy to parents, in addition to a digital version available on the website. Concept to take into account the school logo and brand and the production of the content being produced as a Word document.

The Solution

To enable the letterhead to be produced in-house, Pylon Design designed the header and footer based upon the Kilmorie Primary School corporate identity. Pylon Design prepared the new letterhead as a template in Word, including style sheets, enabling the school to use the correct branding when implementing letters. In the near future, Kilmorie are aiming to be a paperless school and are currently, with the help of Pylon Design, collecting data to allow this to happen.

Project Details

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