Kilmorie poster to encourage subscribing to their newsletter by Pylon Design

Kilmorie Primary School is an inclusive, vibrant community committed to enabling their pupils to be successful citizens with a great love for learning. The school environment is safe, exciting and welcoming to their children and families. The curriculum at Kilmorie Primary School is broad, rich, immersive and purposeful. They encourage their children to be independent, innovative and curious learners. As well as academic success they strive to develop the children’s emotional intelligence and their empathy for others.

The Challenge

To inform parents of the new website and encourage them to sign up for the newsletters on-line. The poster needed to echo the look of the website and have a point-of-call for the reader. The posters to be used throughout the school and at the main entrance to enable parents to see and act upon it.

The Solution

Using the home page of the website as a base, this was adapted for use on the poster to show people the new look. Bold typography invited the reader to visit the site and Facebook and Twitter addresses were also prominent. A QR code was also included to encourage the reader to subscribe to the school newsletter.

Project Details

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