Kilmorie Primary School is an inclusive, vibrant community committed to enabling their pupils to be successful citizens with a great love for learning. The school environment is safe, exciting and welcoming to their children and families. The curriculum at Kilmorie Primary School is broad, rich, immersive and purposeful. They encourage their children to be independent, innovative and curious learners. As well as academic success they strive to develop the children’s emotional intelligence and their empathy for others.

The Challenge

Kilmorie Primary School had just been awarded by Ofsted as an Outstanding Provider and briefed Pylon Design to produce a series of banners to be placed around the exterior of the school. Kilmorie wanted to promote their success to parents, children, teachers and the public. The school asked Pylon Design to develop the brand and give the school more of a presence in terms of using colour, typefaces, the logo and implementing a quote from Ofsted into the concept.

The Solution

Pylon Design suggested using the the coloured circles from the Kilmorie Primary School corporate identity and making each of the 5 banners unique. A clever use of the logo circles and colour enabled Pylon Design to create a series of banners that had immediate impact, displayed clear information, promoted their success and had a surprise element around the perimeter of the school as each banner was different. Although the banners were all unique, they were clearly part of the Kilmorie Primary School brand and helped to promote the look and feel of the school.

Project Details

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