John Perryn Primary School has a magnificent school building with extensive grounds and fantastic facilities, including three chickens, who have lived on the rooftop garden since hatching on the school site.

At the heart of every decision made are the children, and where each individual are valued and celebrated. Their ethos ‘The John Perryn Way’ encompass the values and motto of ‘aiming high to achieve success in all that we do’. These values contribute to the shared goal of ensuring that their children move on to the next stage of their journey as respectful, kind, responsible and caring members of the community.

As a community, they share the responsibility of ensuring that every child is safe and happy. They understand and value the importance of communication and partnerships between home and school, and want John Perryn to be at the very heart of the local community with everyone working together effectively to achieve this.

The Challenge

The old gates to two of the school’s entrances were unattractive and unsafe under the current Health & Safety regulations. The visual appearance of these two gates reminded one of a prison and not the entrance to a magnificent school building and the spacious grounds. The brief from the school was to create a set of bespoke gates that endorsed the corporate brand, reflected the school’s ethos, raised the expectations and impact of the school when visiting and portray a warm welcome to the children, staff, parents and visitors.

The Solution

The two entrances were quite different in size and location. At the front of the school large double gates opened up onto the main road while at the back of the school was a single gate that opened up onto a narrow alley. Although completely different in size and location, Pylon Design proposed to John Perryn Primary School that both gates should have a similar design with a strong corporate brand that linked the two entrances.

The main school logo roundel was the main focal point to attract the attention of the users and passer bys. The school also used a frieze depicting the local buildings and greenery on their literature and media and Pylon Design used this across the full width of the gates endorsing the brand further. The tree elements from the frieze were used at the bottom of the gates to add balance to the design and add a striking complimentary colour to the black structure. The top of the main double gate was curved allowing for the school name to follow the shape as individual letters. To finish off these bespoke school gates and to add further security, Pylon Design proposed using a fine mesh over the entire area, powder coated black to match the gate structure and reduce the visibility when looking through them.

Overseeing the installation over a 3 day period, the final gates achieved the requirements of the brief in spectacular fashion. The impact of these bespoke school gates with the splashes of vibrant colours from the corporate colour palette, the sympathetic look with the school building and surrounding area and the consistent and strong use of the corporate brand, resulted in a set of successful, attractive and security minded gates.

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