IQRA Primary School in Clapham London, exterior banners

IQRA Primary School incorporate their beliefs into school life in the form of their statement – Training in this life and the Hereafter – to provide a high quality, rewarding educational experience in an Islamic Environment that makes a positive difference.

Being now recognised as an outstanding school by Ofsted is a reflection of the togetherness and sense of purpose shared by their entire school community; staff, pupils, parents and Governors, a dedicated team that will strive for ever greater achievements in the years to come. Their recent results place the school amongst the top 2% of schools in England in terms of the progress their pupils are making between key stage 1 and the end of key stage 2.

The Challenge

IQRA Primary School had just been awarded by Ofsted as an Outstanding Provider and approached Pylon Design to produce a series of banners to be placed around the exterior of the school. IQRA wanted to promote their success to parents, children, teachers and the public and had seen the banners we had produced for Kilmorie Primary School as a strong base to provide this service.

The Solution

Pylon Design suggested incorporating a secondary colour pallet into the IQRA identity to help add some vibrancy to the brand. The exterior of the school lacked any kind of presence except for two council style signs which did not help their brand. A clever use of  colour enabled Pylon Design to create a series of banners that had immediate impact, displayed clear information, promoted their success with different Ofsted quotes and all had a different appearance. Although the banners were all unique, they were clearly part of the IQRA Primary School brand, which Pylon developed and helped to promote the presence and success of the school.

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