IQRA Primary School in London, book characters

IQRA Primary School, based in South East London, aims to provide children with a broad and balanced curriculum, whilst inculcating the values of the Qur’an and Sunnah. They believe that every human being should be given dignity which others should respect and enhance. They aim to provide equality of educational opportunity in their school for all children in accordance with their individual needs. They value the contributions of all members of the local community, recognising that education is a partnership in which everyone has an important part to play.

The Challenge

The website lacked a presence and personality to reflect the school and its ethos. Schools are vibrant environments and the children are an extension of this and they want to be excited, inquisitive and learn. They need to have something that they can relate to and that gives them a sense of belonging, bringing them closer to the school. This also applies to the parents and prospective parents who want to see a school who engages the children. Pylon Design highlighted this issue and IQRA commissioned us to come up with some concepts to suggest a solution.

The Solution

Pylon Design suggested a series of characters that could be used on the website but also throughout the school. The characters were devised from a book to suggest learning and given an individual colour that related to each Year group. The books were given simple faces with a range of expressions, arms and legs and a selection of images relating to school life. It is Pylon’s vision that each character will be given a name by their respective Year Group and used throughout the school in lessons, playground, sports etc allowing the children to relate to their character and adding a sense of belonging. Pylon Design envisage all sorts of uses from badges, awards, house groups, posters, stickers, the possibilities are endless.

Project Details

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