In Loving Memory Funeral Invite

In Loving Memory are a new small business offering bespoke Order of Service Funeral Booklets.

It’s not easy when we lose someone special and, at this time of grief, making arrangements can be difficult. In Loving Memory provide a unique service, advising and creating a beautiful Order of Service Funeral Booklet that is both personal and a fitting tribute to our loved ones that you will want to keep and treasure as a beautiful lasting memento.

The Challenge

Funerals are never easy occasions to attend or to organise. Pylon Design were asked to design and produce an invitation to attend the funeral of Mark and Jean. Mark and Jean were married for nearly 61 years and when they passed away just two days between each other, this was truly ‘A Lifetime of Love’.

Due to the close proximity of Mark and Jean’s deaths, the family decided to have a dual funeral which because of the logistics created a delay in the final funeral date. In Loving Memory suggested sending out an invite to the family, relations and many friends so they were all aware when and where the funeral would take place enabling everyone to plan their day due to the long distances people had to travel.

The Solution

Pylon Design and In Loving Memory wanted to create a look and feel that could be used across a range of products within a suggested package of items for the funeral. The invites showed an early photo of Mark and Jean while they were courting and a later one on one of their many cruises. All the funeral details were included for the church service, the crematorium service and the wake. The design of the invite set the tone for the look and production of all the future items to be produced. The solution was elegant and representative of Mark and Jean, bringing back many memories for many people.

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