In Loving Memory are a new small business offering bespoke Order of Service Funeral Booklets.

It’s not easy when we lose someone special and, at this time of grief, making arrangements can be difficult. In Loving Memory provide a unique service, advising and creating a beautiful Order of Service Funeral Booklet that is both personal and a fitting tribute to our loved ones that you will want to keep and treasure as a beautiful lasting memento.

The Challenge

Funerals are never easy occasions to attend or to organise but during these very difficult Covid times, they have become even harder to accept. Pylon Design were asked to design and produce a bespoke, beautiful Order of Service Funeral Booklet that could be used during the smaller funeral gathering but also sent to all the people who were unable to attend due to the restrictions imposed. In Loving Memory produce booklets which represent the recently deceased and encourage a range of emotions from the reader – smile, laugh, cry and create interesting talking points about their life. Whatever the solution, it must represent the life and interests of the individual.

The Solution

Losing loved ones is a very thought provoking subject matter which required a sensitive approach and Pylon Design proposed a friendly solution that represented the deceased as how family, relations and friends would like to remember them by. Unless you have lost someone recently, I don’t think anyone can imagine the pain and the hurt of losing someone during these unprecedented times and our hearts go out to all those who have lost loved ones. Pylon Design spoke with the family over the phone and by email to discuss the life of the recently departed including her hobbies and interests to gather a good knowledge and understanding of the person involved. Incorporating images of her interests such as reading, lace making, the church, gardening, the family and tennis all helped to supplement the larger family photos and give a picture to the reader of what she was like. Some of her favourite quotes were also used throughout the booklet. Pylon Design and In Loving Memory wanted the booklet to be a beautiful lasting memento for the family, relations and friends that can be kept in the home and looked at whenever they need to share a special moment. The solution was elegant, colourful, interesting, representative and caring, a fitting tribute to Lucie.

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