Project Description

A freelance photographer who specialises in photographing people of all ages. From small family gatherings to parties, dinner & dances to large sporting events and specialised school photographs to be used in prospectuses and websites. have built up an impressive portfolio from all over Europe.

The Challenge

Wearing a uniform while working identifies you as a professional who is representing your company and gives you the authorisation to be there. required a fun approach to a simple uniform that would people at ease and be easy to conduct their work in. work largely with people and by having a uniform would help to put these people at ease when they see strangers walking around – recognition that they should be there.

The Solution often have to work in different conditions and get into unusual positions to get the shot they need. Pylon Design proposed smart white T-shirts with black printing to give immediate recognition. The front had a fun element utilising the corporate logo of a camera hanging around the neck and the reverse with the relevant contact details. Fun, smart, professional and corporate t-shirts that allows to work comfortably in themselves and amongst their clients.