A freelance photographer who specialises in photographing people of all ages. From small family gatherings to parties, dinner & dances to large sporting events and specialised school photographs to be used in prospectuses and websites. Iwantthatpic.com have built up an impressive portfolio from all over Europe.

The Challenge

Photographing judo events and selling prints during the competition, has become a large part of iwantthatpic.com’s business. To advertise this service, they wanted a flyer that could be sent out to all entrants with their application forms and be available on the day. They wanted to show typical photos and highlight the cost with a special offer to those who were looking to buy.

The Solution

Utilising the bold iwantthatpic.com camera identity, Pylon Design used a reversed out version on a black background to create a striking solution. Colour photos and white out, bold, corporate typography added to this eye-catching approach that enhanced the supplied photographs.