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The latest incarnation of Housing Pathways’ website was deployed by Pylon Design in April 2020. We had previously developed their first website which incredibly lasted for 10 years from March 2012.

The Challenge

Following many years of churn within senior management, the website had lost its way. An incoming CEO had the foresight to task Pylon Design with overseeing the planning, structure and functionality of the new website, seeing as we had a 10 year relationship with the organisation. The driving requirements were to convey exactly who Housing Pathways were and what they do. To provide a resource and support channel for residents currently provided accommodation by Pathways. To convey accommodation and grant opportunities to the wider public through improved search engine optimisation of content, thus making it easier for the public to apply for housing and grants. We also needed to reduce paper administration and make it easier for Pathways staff to collect application data from the public.

The Solution

Pylon Design completely redesigned the website from a mobile-first perspective on top of a flexible theme framework, using a newly developed secondary  colour palette and typographic approach. The content hierarchy and navigation system were restructured for clear, sensible and easy access to relevant content. Multiple paper application forms (various grants, housing accommodation, complaints, repairs etc.) were converted to online forms including conditional logic, nested forms, a ‘save and continue’ option for longer forms and saving the submitted entries as PDF’s to cloud storage. Care was taken to ensure all necessary data was captured in one go.

All the available housing schemes were displayed together on a filterable interactive map, in regional geographic groups and individually, including maps, galleries, local amenities and residency criteria for each residence. Clear ‘Calls to Action’ were incorporate where relevant to guide the visitor along a pre-determined, envisaged application ‘funnels’ during which they are informed of the application process and criteria. A collection of resources and information specifically for residents was put in place.

Comparing traffic analytics on the site in early 2022 with the old website in early 2019, we now see 70% more users (75% of which are new users), 80% more sessions and 60% more page views. The efficiency of administrative workflows within the organisation have improved dramatically.

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