The Learning Tree at Haseltine Primary School in Sydenham, London

Haseltine Primary is a school in partnership with Fairlawn Primary school. Staff, governors and children work together to harness each other’s strengths and expertise so that children are offered the best possible education.

At Haseltine they aim to create a happy school where the learning atmosphere is relaxed and conducive to high attainment. They believe that every child should learn the skills for life long learning and be supported to develop as good citizens who contribute fully to their community. For the children to reach their full potential they need to work in partnership with their parents, carers and colleagues. Helping children to do their best is vital and working in partnerships allows Haseltine to understand what children are learning and what they are able to achieve.

The Challenge

Haseltine Primary School were keen to display the inspirational words they use when teaching their children about life expectations. The words include; Self-belief, Responsibility, Resilience, Patience, Enthusiasm, Confidence – all words which help us throughout life. The solution had to be intriguing, interesting and a learning tool to be used by all teachers.

The Solution

This was a difficult brief having to include 24 different words and a title into a graphic representation. Pylon Design chose a tree to echo the title of the object, Grow Your Learning Powers. Representing the life cycle, the words were placed on the trunk, branches and leaves creating a powerful learning tool rather than displaying a purely typographic solution. Corporate colours and type enhanced the brand as these 3-D trees were placed in the main halls on two floors. The Learning Tree has been a great success and has been adapted to be used in the main entrance corridor.

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