Haseltine Primary is a school in partnership with Fairlawn Primary school. Staff, governors and children work together to harness each other’s strengths and expertise so that children are offered the best possible education.

At Haseltine they aim to create a happy school where the learning atmosphere is relaxed and conducive to high attainment. They believe that every child should learn the skills for life long learning and be supported to develop as good citizens who contribute fully to their community. For the children to reach their full potential they need to work in partnership with their parents, carers and colleagues. Helping children to do their best is vital and working in partnerships allows Haseltine to understand what children are learning and what they are able to achieve.

The Challenge

The Attendance Room at Haseltine Primary School required a device outside of the room, to hold attendance records for each class everyday without children and teachers having to disturb the occupants, particularly if they were having a meeting. The primary reason for this device was to retain privacy within the Attendance Room while also being as quiet as possible.

The Solution

Pylon Design researched off the shelf solutions but not one device met the criteria required and Pylon decided to make and decorate the Post Box solution to our own specifications. Made and built out of MDF, the exterior and interior were painted with the Haseltine logo and supporting brand and fixed to the wall next to the door with pads applied to the lid to avoid any noise. An attractive and bespoke solution that demonstrated Pylons versatility.

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