Project Description

Pylon Design were approached by the Corporate Communications team at The Foreign & Commonwealth Office in 2011 to research potential solutions for a global, digital asset management (DAM) solution.  This would become the online storage space for all FCO brand tools, from logos, stationery, posters, leaflets, office documents, videos and photographs.

The library was to be specifically for FCO staff only, to help them use the brand correctly and get all the files they needed to produce marketing or communications material, wherever they were in the world.

The Challenge

The initial challenge was to find a cost-effective, existing software platform that met all the functional requirements and could be customised to look how the client required. Additional challenges including configuring the dedicated hosting server to comfortably handle very large media files, configuring user access permissions and having the server generate previews of uploaded media.

The ‘FCO Brand Library‘ needed to store and serve multiple assets supporting the recently launched ‘GREAT‘ campaign, the UK Government’s drive to promote Great Britain abroad, as the Queen celebrated her Diamond Jubilee and the country hosted the 2012 Olympics and Paralympics. Although the original campaign was originally envisaged as a short-term project, it has been so successful that the campaign continues to this day.

The Solution

After several weeks researching products on the market place, Pylon Design identified a suitably feature-rich, mature software platform, actively developed in the UK. Compared to it’s rivals, it was very competitively priced. After putting it through it’s paces and developing a live ‘proof of concept’, we were given the green light to proceed with development. This was made all the more efficient by having direct contact with the software developers, whom we also commissioned to add custom functionality that was added to the core product.

So successful was the solution delivered for Corporate Communications that, in 2016, rather than develop their own DAM, Consular Communications started using the FCO Brand Library to house their own digital assets.

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