Fascinating Rhythm are a small Jazz Band with members of all ages who enjoy meeting for rehearsals and learning new arrangements of classic jazz tunes. Many of the band are self taught in a variety of instruments and the group allows them to improve in their preferred choice, including drums, flute, trumpet, saxophone, clarinet, guitar, double bass, keyboards, amongst others. During their rehearsals they learn how to improvise, work on different jazz styles, rhythms and articulations while playing and performing in a friendly band.

The Challenge

The band has been going now for over 10 years and perform in small intimate venues on top of their weekly rehearsals. Members come and go due to other commitments and unfortunately a few of the older members have passed away suddenly. This has reduced numbers and Fascinating Rhythm wanted to have a recruitment drive to encourage potential people to join and add further skills to the band. As a non profit making organisation, Fascinating Rhythm approached Pylon Design to explore the best way to achieve this within a very limited budget.

The Solution

Pylon Design suggested an A5 flyer in full colour that could be displayed in local shops, libraries, schools, churches, cafes, restaurants and public houses. Each member of the band were willing to personally walk around their local areas and ask if they could display the flyers to save money. Graphically, Pylon Design proposed a strong, colourful, appropriate, jazz related illustration with bold typography that displayed the relevant information in a clear and concise manner. The resulting flyer was attractive, eye catching and informative creating an impactful and appropriate solution.

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