Haseltine Primary School in Lewisham is in partnership with Fairlawn Primary School, also in Lewisham, and collectively known as the Fairlawn & Haseltine Federation. Staff, governors and children, from both schools, work together to harness each other’s strengths and expertise so that children are offered the best possible education.

Both schools aim to create a happy environment where the learning atmosphere is relaxed and conducive to high attainment. They believe that every child should learn the skills for life long learning and be supported to develop as good citizens who contribute fully to their community. For the children to reach their full potential they need to work in partnership with their parents, carers and colleagues.

The Challenge

To bring together two seperate schools, Haseltine and Fairlawn, under the same banner of the Fairlawn & Haseletine Federation while retaining their individual personalties and their seperate sites. Pylon were commissioned to create one flexible logo that could be used as the umbrella identity for both schools that would be easily recognisable for each site.

The Solution

Colour was the simplist and most effective solution to define the two schools under the one organisation. Green and blue, the two main colours used in each of the identities, were chosen for the Federation logo. Interlocking capital letters from each school are blended together by the chosen colours and held within a circular navy device giving a friendly yet modern and bold solution. The type echoes the bold round appearance of the logo while the colours reflect those of the individual schools. The new identity and its colours was designed to sit comfortably and not to detract from either of the school logos.