Project Description

Directgov was the British government’s digital service for people in the United Kingdom, which provided a single point of access to public sector information and services. It was replaced by the new GOV.UK website in October 2012.

Directgov gave you easy access to government information and services. It used simple language and presentation across the web and mobile. Content was written in plain English, and you could read most of it in Welsh. Directgov worked closely with government departments to bring information for the public all together in one place.

The Challenge

Utilising the strong Directgov corporate brand, develop two A4 adverts to be used in a variety of magazines and newspapers. The adverts to ask the reader a bold question and guide them to the Directgov website.

The Solution

Pylon Design Consultants London designed a bold, brand heavy solution with minimal copy, photographs from the Directgov library and direct questions to the reader. The two adverts were simple to navigate and understand guiding the user through to their goal by use of strong messages. The photographs added a personal approach that complimented the powerful brand.

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