A colourful, fun logo for Crafty Hands by Pylon Design

A brand new small business offering a range of Arts and Crafts activities for children aged between 3 and 13 years. Classes are conducted at your home or party venue and all themes can be incorporated into the programme.

The Challenge

To create a logo and brand that appeals to children and adults and depicts immediately the activity involved. The logo had to stand out attracting the attention of the public and display the vibrancy associated with the organisation. As well as the logo, it had to adapt the same principle to all other items in the range.

The Solution

A fun, bright, colourful approach using painted hand prints and a stylised paint brush to engage the age group and the activities involved and to endorse the fun-packed package for the parents. The flexibility of the logo and brand enables the elements within the logo to be used on all other items.

Project Details