Conisborough College Logo

Conisborough College is a purpose built campus which opened in 2009. Students benefit from state of the art technologies and resources including a very generous computer/student ratio; a purpose built sports hall, dance studio and fitness room as well as an astroturf outside. We have specialist teaching rooms for textiles, music, art, design technology and science.

The school is offering unique opportunities to all its students as they strive to raise standards across all areas of learning and personal development, allowing every student to achieve everything they are capable of. Conisborough College are passionate about making a difference to the lives of their young people, ensuring that they have every opportunity to succeed by identifying and nurturing each one’s individual talents.

The aim of all staff is to provide all students with inspiring opportunities and experiences supported with careful monitoring, reporting and assessment. The students bring with them a diversity of experiences and backgrounds both socially and culturally and the school community is built on the strengths of this local diversity.

The Challenge

Pylon Design Consultants Limited have been working with Conisborough College for over 10 years and we were approached by the new head to design and implement a new brand for the school. Conisborough College is a Colfe’s Associate School and work closely together ensuring that students make a positive contribution to the college and wider community. Colfe’s School use a stag as part of their brand and Pylon Design were requested to incorporate a stag within our proposal in order to retain a link between the two. Whilst this was integral to the brand, Conisborough College wanted to retain their own identity and therefore, a solution needed to be compatible to both schools.

The Solution

Pylon Design created a logo that encompassed the stag but used a style that was unique to Conisborough College. The style reflected a forward thinking, professional college but also reflected the friendly atmosphere and the diversity of the surrounding community. It was important that the logo stood out and gave Connisborough College a strong presence within the area. Bold, modern typography compliments the image while the strong corporate colour palette gives a professional yet approachable solution.