Chawton CE Primary is a welcoming and nurturing school, in the heart of the Hampshire countryside, where the whole community works together to provide a happy, safe environment for all of its children. Through their core values of love, courage and fellowship, and through using an inter-disciplinary approach to their curriculum, they learn to enquire about themselves, about others and the world around them.

This small and historic Church school is one where they learn to live alongside each other; supporting, nurturing and collaborating with one another. Their successes are due to great teamwork, including their dedicated staff, children, governors, parents and the local community.

They are a global family of children whereby every child is unique in the eyes of God.

The Challenge

The existing gate and fence were over 30 years old and had no relation to the personality of the school. It lacked impact, the intercom and lock did not work well and they failed in terms of the latest health and safety regulations. The challenge was to give the entrance to the school a presence and reflect their core values while echoing the character of this traditional village building.

The Solution

Pylon Design worked in close collaboration with Chawton CE Primary School in providing a range of creative concepts for a new bespoke gate and fence at the entrance of the school grounds. The area where the gate and fence were to be installed is quite small and a complex design would have been too overpowering for the space. Pylon also proposed to move the position of the gate and widened it to allow for a more natural entrance and have an uninterrupted fence which could be utilised for appropriate graphics.

Once the final choice from the various gate concepts presented had been decided, Pylon Design prepared the artwork picking up on the corporate blue for the main colour of the structure. The gate and fence were constructed of square steel bars to allow an open feel but within the Health and Safety requirements. The height of the gate and fence were raised to protect the safety of the children further. A curved top to the fence allowed for the name of the school to follow the curve. The school’s logo was incorporated into a circular shape and the word ‘Welcome’ added for a friendly approach and applied to both the fence and the gate. The school’s core values, love, courage and fellowship were represented in words stretching the length of the fence. A new intercom and locks were installed to finish the installation.

The final gate and fence really gives the school a presence and impact and a warm, friendly entrance to the school. The open design and balanced use of the graphics allowed Pylon Design to create an attractive gate and fence that worked well with the space and successfully answered the challenges we faced within the challenging brief.

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