Channel 5’s Boxing Academy began with several hundred young hopefuls vying to reach the final stage. The training was tough but every lad who turned up at the open auditions had his sights set on their ultimate goal – a place in the final. Training with their heroes, life at the Boxing Academy was an experience they will never forget.

All ten lads from the final stages of Boxing Academy showed an incredible level of self discipline, fitness, courage and determination that does themselves and the sport of boxing immense credit. There can only be one winner in the ring but there will have been ten winners who have taken part in the series and shown that from the heights of the Olympics to the grass roots level of the Amateur Boxing Club, Boxing has a bright future.

The Challenge

Design and produce a ticket and programme fitting for Channel 5’s Boxing Academy Final show, with a traditional boxing flavour. All copy and images supplied.

The Solution

Researching old boxing posters, Pylon Design Consultants London, designed an 8 page programme and tear-off ticket that used elements from these items of memorabilia. Textured backgrounds, large bold typography, strong colours and dividing rules all added to the look and feel of a traditional boxing bout. The imagery created was picked up by Channel 5 and integrated into a successful, star-studded show.

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