Carillon Court Shopping Centre is Loughborough’s major shopping centre, with 35 high street names under one roof. Big name brands including New Look, Game, Topshop, Thorntons, WH Smiths and The Body Shop along with great local independents. Located in the centre of town, Carillon Court is completely covered and boasts a huge car park for shoppers.

The Challenge

A complete signage programme for the front and rear entrances and a selection of banners around the perimeter of the centre. Using the existing bell logo, not designed by Pylon Design Consultants, create a brand that is flexible and sits comfortably with the classic look of the building while being attractive to catch the eye of the public.

The Solution

Retaining the corporate colours of Purple/Blue and yellow, Pylon Design Consultants London added a secondary pallette of bright colours that could be used on the banners to create an impact. Illuminated signage was designed by Pylon Design the front and rear entrances and placed on a timing system. The shape of the sign age on the front entrance echoed the shape of the arch for a natural approach that flowed with the architecture. Added to the above signs, Pylon were commissioned to produce further signage and height restrictors for the car park resulting in a comprehensive, successful signage programme for Carillon Court Shopping Centre.

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