Elegant CAISRAD logo by Pylon Design

Confucianism And Islam via the Silk Road Abu Dhabi 2015 (CAISRAD) was the ispiration of Arjmal Hameed who has a personal interest and love of the Silk Route which has recently had global interest. His vision was to hold a convention in Abu Dhabi inviting interested business people from around the world to discuss the historical features of the Silk Route and how these can be adapted to modern ways and how they can benefit all those countries involved.

The Challenge

A logo was required that could evoke the richness of the Silk Route while advertising the upcoming convention in Abu Dhabi. Other material needed to be produced including invites, letterheading paper and promotional items, so the logo had to be flexible to be used on these and further items as the convention approached.

The Solution

Rich colours were used to suggest the romantic, climatic setting of the Silk Route and elements of traditional desert travel, depicted as illustrative silhouettes, all added to the ambiance the logo has created. The title wrapped around the logo to hold it together and to endorse the image, resulting in an elegant and thought provoking logo.

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