Colourful origami birds formed Bryter Minds logo by Pylon Design

Bryter Minds is a subsidiary of parent company Bryter who help businesses get and keep customers, by enabling them to understand what customers truly need. They combine the latest thinking with innovative methodologies, to deliver deep & meaningful insights that help businesses understand customers better. Bryter work with clients in over 50 countries in B2B, consumer and healthcare sectors.

The Challenge

The brief was to create a brand that delivered solutions based on ‘something out of nothing’. A unique way of thinking beyond the usual approach – ‘thinking outside the box’. The logo needed to be memorable and flexible and applied to a number of different items.

The Solution

‘Creating something out of nothing’ – Pylon developed a logo based on creating origami birds from a sheet of paper. The birds represented the freedom of thought but with a goal of arriving at their destination. Bright, positive colours enhanced the freshness and the elegant typography took its essence from the parent companies corporate typeface. The result is a unique, flexible logo that is fresh and thought provoking.

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