A visibly fresh company, with an equally different approach to managing the IT needs of businesses with 2-150 computers. Bright Green IT is backed by almost two decades of experience in the IT industry. Their aim is for their customers businesses to thrive and compete with the best in their industries, by harnessing the right technology tools for the business, whilst also having everything expertly managed.

In recognition of their experience, Microsoft has accredited Bright Green IT with Microsoft Small Business Specialist status, demonstrating that they have the expertise and focus to meet the needs of small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs).

The Challenge

A series of banners to be displayed at the entrance of the Business Park where they have their office. Highlight their presence within the park, the nature of their business and promote the brand and look of the business.

The Solution

A bold, brand driven banner that is clearly Bright Green and easily recognisable. Utilising the corporate colours and the cloud in a simple but effective solution that stands out amongst all other signage at the entrance of the Park.