Project Description

Avery Scaffolding is an established, premier London based company, providing high quality scaffolding services throughout London and the surrounding counties. They are a safe, reliable and innovative scaffolding company which provides solutions to all their domestic and commercial customers based upon their individual needs. The team members are highly skilled and talented and use the latest technology and equipment in the scaffolding industry and they also have an impeccable safety record. Avery Scaffolding provides all-round services including; scaffold design, planning, erection, site attendance and dismantling.

There’s a reason that their clients keep coming back to them time and time again. They have developed a reputation and culture as one of the leading scaffolding companies in London and beyond thanks to over 25 years experience in the industry.

The Challenge

Avery Scaffolding realised that the technical advances in an online presence and the latest statistics highlighting that most users view websites on their mobile phones, convinced them that they needed to invest in a new website that would enhance their business.

The old site, despite having a presence, did not work hard enough for Avery Scaffolding. Being unable to add content creatively and the limited extent of what they could achieve in keeping the site current and interesting, prompted Avery Scaffolding to look at the alternatives. As well as the content, the look and feel of the site needed to change to make them stand out from their competitors and appeal to all customers.

Avery Scaffolding wanted to move to a platform where their single new site would respond appropriately to a wide range of screen sizes, raising client engagement. Avery Scaffolding also wanted to implement changes to the site themselves particularly adding news content and relevant information to help both clients and prospective customers.

The Solution

By incorporating the Avery Scaffolding corporate identity in a creative way while pushing the boundaries of the brand, Pylon Design created a new website that addressed the failings of the previous site. By expanding the use of the corporate colour palette and adding some new bright colours, it enabled Pylon Design to utilise a number of Call to Action buttons creating a distinctive and eye-catching solution. Complimentary, Sans serif typefaces worked well with the elegant, traditional font used within the Avery Scaffolding logo, creating a professional but modern look. A bold use of quotes and close-up graphic images are both dynamic and descriptive, resulting in a look that adds interest and glamour to the industry. The introduction of a gallery page to demonstrate the projects Avery Scaffolding have been involved with, shows their expertise.

Pylon Design have designed and developed an exciting, responsive, informative, content-managed, friendly and colourful website that stands out as unique amongst their many competitors and appeals to all their clients. Avery Scaffolding now embrace and manage a mobile-responsive website where they have full control of content creation.

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